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Welcome at Alpha Boilers Guide

It is a website designed for providing historical and the latest information about Alpha Boilers. You will find here technical as well as commercial information no matter if you are searching for a particular model you want to buy, or you are just looking around checking different boiler brands, or you are encountering problems with existing boiler or even simply searching for spare parts information.

Alpha Heating Innovation is a part of Immergas Group (Italian consortium), present on UK market for over 50 years. Started as heating installer company then grown to boiler and parts manufacturer. Alpha Heating Innovation offers three kinds of boilers: regular (most often used as old iron cased boiler replacement), combination (heating and hot water on demand solution), system (cylinder usage for high hot-water demand). Manufacturing sites of Alpha Heating Innovation are ISO 9001:2000 and TÜV certified. Alpha Boilers are preferred solution of families due to long (up to 6 years) and all-inclusive warranty for the whole period.  All Alpha Boilers are being randomly check throughout the manufacturing process assuring that highest product quality is met. Customer service team is there to help almost all years round.

Regular CDR Range boilers from Alpha Heating Innovation are the most common replacement of the old iron cased boilers, known as conventional heating systems that require storage tank for the cold water as well as loft expansion tank.

Alpha Heating Innovation provides from 3-6 years standard all-inclusive warranty for all regular, combination and system boilers and up to one year a warranty for spare parts. All boilers are nicely designed and adjusted to the latest UK customer needs. Alpha Heating Innovation offers ARES TEC and PROTEC PLUS SYSTEM high output condensing boilers for commercial use. Almost all boiler’s types can be combined with SolarSmart Technology providing further saving on electricity bills.

Alpha boilers  require not more than few hours up to a day in case of SolarSmart Technology boilers of installation. Their efficiency level is A and there are a lot of outputs you can choose from: 13kW, 18kW, 24kw, 26kW, 30kW ,35kW covering needs of small to big houses, commercial models outputs: 54kW, 74kW, 98kW, 121 kW. SolarTechnology boilers are dedicated for house use only. All Alpha boilers received  Best- Class 5 in NOx emissions.

Selecting  a Alpha Boiler

We have gathered practical and technical information in the model compare and troubleshooting parts of this webpage. We believe this information should be enough for a random user to find boiler model they need. Whenever in doubts which new model to choose you can always ask for a specialist home visit from a Alpha Heating Innovation. To schedule a meeting  contact a seller. We advice to have a specialist at your home proir boiler purchase as the right model should be chosen based not only on technical data but also your particular needs and house settings. In most cases when you have a system fault you will need to troubleshoot , fault find and almost always replace parts

Typical problems

Alpha Combination, Alpha Regular  and Alpha System Boilers may experience some of most common boiler problems problems like those listed below:

  • Alpha combi boiler HE25 boiler sometimes has an issue with getting cold or luke warm water  leak while running the hot tap- that can be easily solved by replacing a diverter valve
  • Alpha boiler CB24/28 sometimes looses the pressure- you will need to manually re-pressure the system
  • Other common problems applicable for all models include: boiler switches himself off on due to low water pressure and requires water filling into the system;  banging noises due to faulty exchanger

Warning!!! You shouldn’t work any gas appliance unless you have proper qualifications (GasSafe Registered). Whenever an issue occurs you should contact customer service team immediately.


Feel free to use this troubleshooting  guide section if your boiler has a fault.  There is no need to repair parts as they are low cost and should be replaced when faulty. Remeber that  a best solution for all faults under warranty period is simply appliance return to the manufacturer or/and shop. New boiler should be provided free of charge. Each Alpha Heating Innovation  boiler comes with an Owner’s Manual. Whenever you search for more information feel free to read our forum /FAQ