Alpha 240 boiler short cycling

Hello All,

My two years old Alpha 240 combi boiler is facing a problem of short cycling. It takes about a minute for the boiler to fire up and afterwards it cuts down promptly. Moreover, it is quite tough for the hot water and radiators to become lukewarm. Someone please help me urgently



Hi, your Alpha boiler has to face short cycling every time when the minimum capacity for the boiling and firing surpasses the existing load. In order to prevent it, you have to check the following things:

  1. Check for the proper grounding of your Alpha 240 combi boiler
  2. Check for the right flow of water in your boiler
  3. Moreover, check for the jammed air inlet to be found on concentric firing system
  4. Finally, check for the presence of air in your Alpha boiler

You can call an experienced boiler engineer for further help and guidance

Alpha Combi Boiler flow rate is low

Hi Guys,

I have a six years old Alpha combi boiler and I get it serviced annually. However, in spite of all this, it is not working properly as it is facing a problem of low flow rate. I am unable to understand the exact reason behind it. Is it simply a problem with the DHW of the boiler, which is blocked because of the sludge buildup or something else? Guide me please

Thanks in Advance


Hi Kelly,

Few possible reasons behind this problem are as follows:

  1. Poor main pressure
  2. Chocked filter
  3. Mains stopcock
  4. Controlled pipework
  5. Sticking jumper in a stop

You can consider the below-given ways out:

  1. Clean or replace the choked filter
  2. For controlled pipework, always use the pipework having a larger diameter
  3. Change the valve
  4. For reduced or poor main pressure, you have to check that every arrow located on a stopcock is going directly in a direction of the water flow
  5. Finally, for main stopcock you should try operating & changing the stopcock


Alpha HE CB33 boiler circulation fault

Hello Folks,

The hot water and heating are not working on my four years old Alpha HE CB33 boiler. I do not what happened with the boiler as it was working well until last night. I am facing this issue from last seven hours. Has someone faced this type of issue earlier if yes then please tell me the method of fixing it



Hi Anita, according to the shared information it seems that there is a problem related to circulation. Usually, circulation error occurs due to faulty central heating pump & it stops working due to two common reasons such as:

  • Seized tube of central heating pump
  • Badly installed pump

In order to fix this issue in a professional way, do contact a skilled Alpha boiler engineer on an urgent basis. You can contact us as well in your problem persists.

Alpha CB24 Boiler is producing hissing sounds

Hi All,

From last few days, some strange hissing sounds are coming directly from my Alpha CB24 boiler, which is almost three years old. In order to get rid of, I have restarted the boiler but all in vain. What else should I do? Please guide me

Waiting for your precious suggestions


Hi Alf,

Sometimes hard salts precipitate deeply on the surface of boiler’s heat exchanger therefore, causing a thinner layer of limescale. Beside this, some other unforeseen reasons are causing deposit directly into your Alpha boiler. At times, noise-reducing chemical can help and you can add it as well. Or else buy a cleaner and remove limescale or sludge from the boiler, as it will make your boiler free from all types of debris.

Alpha Boiler out of order thermostatic blender valve

Hello Guys,

I have bought an Alpha combi boiler seven years ago. I worked well thus, I was quite satisfied but unluckily today, I have noticed that whenever the boiler runs the hot water, it stays extremely hot for 2 or 3 minutes and afterwards, the water cools down all of a sudden. I do not what is happening. I have tried all the possible way outs but no success. Help me please

Thanks a lot


Hi Anna, you are facing this issue due to an out of order thermostatic blender valve. An exclusive way out is to purchase & fix a brand new thermostatic valve. Beside this, water scale could be another reason. By having a heat exchanger you can restore the needed hot water easily. The whole process is not tough but obviously time taking because it comprises of getting chemicals & pipes in your home.

You can contact us if your problem persists

Alpha 240 Boiler’s overheat stat & casting device

Hi Everybody,

My newly bought and installed Alpha 240 boiler is showing weird behavior now days. The boiler turns itself on when the heating and hot timers are not allowed to do so. Moreover, another black tool, which is directly under a water tank, also look as if it is dead which else produce buzzing sound whenever I turn on the boiler. I have restarted the boiler but it did not make any difference. Someone please guide me in view of that


Hi Braun,

Firstly, you should check the both i.e. overheat stat & casting device of the Alpha boiler. Normally, people replace the PCB but the main culprit is the casting device. The printed circuit board gets the temperature readings of a heating pipe directly from the casting device. A damaged or out of order casting device will result into the heating pipe become extremely hot than it has to be & ultimately be imposing lockout state on your boiler. It is a safekeeping feature to confirm safety that water will not become intolerably hot. At the normal room temperature, about 14 Ohms is an anticipated reading. In case, you did not get the expected reading, replace the overheat stat & casting device by calling a boiler engineer.

Alpha Combi Boiler no pilot light

Hello All,

Someone please help me on an issue, which my one-year-old Alpha combi boiler is facing from last five days. The boiler has no pilot light. Sometimes, it merely works for a minute. Has someone faced this issue earlier if yes, then please share the possible way outs.

Anxiously waiting to hear from you


Hi Jess,

I guess there is an issue of the flame detection. There are numerous reasons behind it but, at times, clogged pilot jet is a culprit. Well, it is difficult for you to identify the actual reason on your own. Therefore, you have to seek help and advice from a professional boiler engineer because the entire procedure consists of boiler’s dissembling which is a technical thing.

I hope that this information will help you in fixing the boiler.

Alpha CB24 boiler is overheating

Hi Folks,

I own a two years old Alpha CB24 boiler. I have not faced any major issue during these years however, from last few days the boiler turn itself off automatically after a minute. I have restarted the boiler many times but no progress. I do not know what is wrong with the boiler. Someone please help me on urgent basis.

Thanks for your Valuable suggestions


Hi Ben, I think your boiler is overheating and thus, you should take it seriously. Well, on a safe side never try to repair the boiler at home because overheated Alpha boiler becomes extremely dangerous. Firstly, you have to turn off the electrical supply of your home immediately. Sometimes, when the some important internal components of your Alpha boiler undergo extreme pressure the boiler constantly overheats thus, you should call a skilled boiler engineer.

Alpha 240 boiler pressure issue

Hi All,

My Alpha 240 boiler, which is almost four years, is losing pressure repeatedly. I have to top up the pressure daily by using a filling loop. I would like to share that there are no visible signs of the leaks from the overflow outlet & even under the floors. Someone please tell me the ways of rectifying this problem.


Looking forward


Hi Rich,

If there are no visible signs of the leaks & still you are losing pressure then, the pressure relief controller is possibly letting by; it is safety controller, which permits water to outflow outside safely once the pressure of central heating becomes very high normally, it is the 15mm pipe of copper going through a wall outside. If an outside wall is completely wet or you are seeing, it is leaking then that is exactly your problem. Thus, whenever you refill a system you have to vent all the radiators to check for the air in the boiler. You can call an Alpha boiler engineer for more help.

Alpha HE CB33 boiler’s burner issue

Hello Everyone,

I have bought and installed an Alpha HE CB33 boiler three years ago. It was working well until last night but now, the boiler is giving me the tough time as its burner is vibrating loudly and due to this, it is producing an extremely loud resonating sound. I have to face this issue whenever I turn it on. Should I replace the boiler or call a boiler engineer?



Hello James, you are facing this issue due to the following reasons:

  1. Low gas supply pressure
  2. Combustion gasses’ recirculation
  3. Gas or air adjustment is faulty

You can try the following possible way-out or else call an experienced boiler engineer for immediate help:

  1. If there is a problem of low gas supply pressure, do contact a gas company instantly
  2. If it is due to a combustion gasses’ recirculation then, you have to verify a gas ventilation shaft and air supply
  3. If gas or air adjustment is faulty, check the adjustment of both and verify the settings

Feel free to contact us if your problem persists