Boiler Types and Efficiency

Did you know that 35% of your gas bills is produced by hot water from your boiler? And that number doesn’t cover the % spent on your heating needs- which we think is another 30-40%. You may want to check the efficiency of your current boiler by visiting the official SEDBUK site. SEDBUK (efficiency) rates are also useful for comparing old to new boiler ratings. If you compare efficiency rating of your existing boilers to efficiences of new Alpha boilers,  you would most likely want to install one of the Alpha Combi boilers. All Combi models can be equipped with Alpha Gas Saver providing you with further 30% gas usage reduce. If you reached the moment when you have enough of repairing your old boiler and paying high gas bills don’t hesitate ask for quotation and choose a new Alpha boiler today!

All Alpha Combi boilers can be equipped with GasSaver tool. It is stand alone tool that can be installed above the boiler. The main purpose of this tool is to extracts the heat from the heat waste gases. Whenever GasSaver is not installed the heat gasses are released by the boiler flue directly into the atmosphere. GasSaver traps the heat gasses and re-uses them to pre heat the cold water mains before it enters the boiler. New models of INTEC GS Alpha Boilers have this toll already built-in. What’s more your new Alpha boiler can be combined with SolarSmart technology providing even further savings on electricity.

Alpha Innovation boilers are being installed in less than a day, and in this few hours you get a guarantee that your new boiler is operating correctly, standard annual check-up doesn’t take more than 2 hours and you may also use this opportunity for adding the GasSaver tool. Nicely designed, most models will fit into kitchen or utility room. Efficiency ratings on all Combi models  reach ‘A’ level.

If you wonder what model to choose, our recommendation based on a size of your home/apartment would be:

  • smallest apartment- choose the CDR RANGE with an output  of 13 kW or INTEC2 SE with an output 9 kW
  • standard apartments and big houses- go for the awarded models  INTEC2 XE with outputs 24, 28 kW
  • commercial use PROTEC PLUS system boilers with outputs 55, 74, 98, 121 kW
  • old iron cast-conventional boiler replacement- choose CDR RANGE with an output 9 or 30 kW

Advantages of replacing your old boiler for  boilers

  1. Almost all heating solutions provided by Alpha Innovation Boilers can be combined with SolarSmart technology providing even further savings on electricity bills
  2. You choose if to go with external tank or not, you choose if to go with Combi or Eco, you decide if to apply a GasSaver or not
  3. Modern design and digital functionality, you decide to choose a traditional model going with external tank or not
  4. High variety of outputs provides good choice for any size of house/apartment and/or commercial use
  5. Almost all models can be equipped with GasSaver, two INTEC GS boilers have the tool build-in
  6. Manual and digital diagnostics
  7. Fast installation and service

Whenever your old boiler (min 5 years old) starts breaking down we highly advise exchanging for a new model, mostly because new boiler will be much more efficient, resulting in lower heating costs and we estimate that new boiler purchase will return in 1.5-2 years.  If you feel you have enough of repairing your old boiler don’t hesitate ask for quotation and choose a new Alpha boiler today!