Alpha 240 boiler short cycling

Hello All,

My two years old Alpha 240 combi boiler is facing a problem of short cycling. It takes about a minute for the boiler to fire up and afterwards it cuts down promptly. Moreover, it is quite tough for the hot water and radiators to become lukewarm. Someone please help me urgently



Hi, your Alpha boiler has to face short cycling every time when the minimum capacity for the boiling and firing surpasses the existing load. In order to prevent it, you have to check the following things:

  1. Check for the proper grounding of your Alpha 240 combi boiler
  2. Check for the right flow of water in your boiler
  3. Moreover, check for the jammed air inlet to be found on concentric firing system
  4. Finally, check for the presence of air in your Alpha boiler

You can call an experienced boiler engineer for further help and guidance