Alpha 240 boiler pressure issue

Hi All,

My Alpha 240 boiler, which is almost four years, is losing pressure repeatedly. I have to top up the pressure daily by using a filling loop. I would like to share that there are no visible signs of the leaks from the overflow outlet & even under the floors. Someone please tell me the ways of rectifying this problem.


Looking forward


Hi Rich,

If there are no visible signs of the leaks & still you are losing pressure then, the pressure relief controller is possibly letting by; it is safety controller, which permits water to outflow outside safely once the pressure of central heating becomes very high normally, it is the 15mm pipe of copper going through a wall outside. If an outside wall is completely wet or you are seeing, it is leaking then that is exactly your problem. Thus, whenever you refill a system you have to vent all the radiators to check for the air in the boiler. You can call an Alpha boiler engineer for more help.