Alpha 240 boiler water temperature is not accurate

Hello Folks,

My Alpha 240 boiler, which I purchased three years, works well until recently. I have noticed that water temperature of the boiler is not accurate. I wanted to know the exact reason & ways of fixing it, as I am not getting the required hot water as well. Your expert pieces of advice are required to solve this issue.

Thanks a lot

I would advise checking the gas rate & the water portion of your boiler. From the above-shared information, I can conclude that your boiler has inaccurate gas rate & secondly, water segment of your boiler is out of order. You can fix it at home by simply checking the gas supply to gas isolation controller of the boiler. Just open the controller & check the burner & inlet pressure of the boiler. Afterward if water portion of the boiler is out of order then try to clean it immediately. You can replace it in case of the severe damaged.

I hope this piece of information will make your boiler to work again.