Alpha Boiler out of order thermostatic blender valve

Hello Guys,

I have bought an Alpha combi boiler seven years ago. I worked well thus, I was quite satisfied but unluckily today, I have noticed that whenever the boiler runs the hot water, it stays extremely hot for 2 or 3 minutes and afterwards, the water cools down all of a sudden. I do not what is happening. I have tried all the possible way outs but no success. Help me please

Thanks a lot


Hi Anna, you are facing this issue due to an out of order thermostatic blender valve. An exclusive way out is to purchase & fix a brand new thermostatic valve. Beside this, water scale could be another reason. By having a heat exchanger you can restore the needed hot water easily. The whole process is not tough but obviously time taking because it comprises of getting chemicals & pipes in your home.

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