Alpha Combi Boiler Ignition Issues

Hello Guys,

I do not know what happened to my boiler that is why I wanted to share my problem on this platform. The boiler’s burner tries to spark instantly at ignition mainly for 10-15 seconds but unfortunately, there is no ignition. The boiler tries this sequence of ignition again & again but the same thing happens every time. What will be the ultimate solution?



Hello Rob, do not worry, as it is a common problem. Just following the below-given information:

  • Firstly, you have to check ignition lead & electrode. Replacement is recommended if required
  • Secondly, check all the electrode connections. You can fix them if you feel so
  • Thirdly, check & fix spark gas & position
  • After that, check and fix all the connections positioned at PCB & ignition generator
  • Check for chocked flue & do fix it if required

If your problem persists then do contact a qualified boiler engineer.