Alpha Combi Boiler flow rate is low

Hi Guys,

I have a six years old Alpha combi boiler and I get it serviced annually. However, in spite of all this, it is not working properly as it is facing a problem of low flow rate. I am unable to understand the exact reason behind it. Is it simply a problem with the DHW of the boiler, which is blocked because of the sludge buildup or something else? Guide me please

Thanks in Advance


Hi Kelly,

Few possible reasons behind this problem are as follows:

  1. Poor main pressure
  2. Chocked filter
  3. Mains stopcock
  4. Controlled pipework
  5. Sticking jumper in a stop

You can consider the below-given ways out:

  1. Clean or replace the choked filter
  2. For controlled pipework, always use the pipework having a larger diameter
  3. Change the valve
  4. For reduced or poor main pressure, you have to check that every arrow located on a stopcock is going directly in a direction of the water flow
  5. Finally, for main stopcock you should try operating & changing the stopcock