Alpha 240 boiler’s fan & pump are not working

Hello Everybody,

The fan & pump of my one year Alpha 240 boiler is not working. I have tried to make them work after consulting the user manual but the problem is still there. I need your help on urgent basis.

Thanks for your kind help & suggestions


Hi Kate, I would advise checking the following things:

  • Firstly, check the electrical connections & correct them if needed
  • Secondly, you have to check & correct constraint in the ventilation shaft
  • If fan or PCB is out of order, then replace them immediately

You are advised to call a boiler engineer if your problem persists.

Alpha HE CB33 boiler is leaking


I am suspecting some leakages from my three years old Alpha HE CB33 boiler. Due to this, I am not getting the required hot water. Has somebody faced the same issue if yes, then please share your views & how you fixed it?

Thanks for your Suggestions


The leakage in the boiler is a concerning issue which is normally an indication that something is wrong with the internal components of your boiler. From pressure problems to broken seals & rust, there are several causes behind the leaking boiler. Crucially, when you feel that boiler is leaking never try to resolve this issue yourself because it is extremely risky & can cause more problems. It is better to call an expert to avoid further issues by concentrating on an existing issue & tackling it wisely.

Alpha Combi boiler is unresponsive

Hello Folks,

My five years old Alpha combi boiler is not responding since last night. I have checked all the possible things such as electrical supply etc. everything is fine, but the boiler is not starting. Is it serious? What should I do to make it work again?



Hi Tom,

When boiler failed to start or work then, obviously it is not a good thing. If this issue just stems from your boiler as you said, then have a look at the boiler’s pressure gauge. If the pressure is below bar 1 then, you have to top it up immediately. Moreover, incorrectly installed or unprotected condensate pipes mostly freeze in the extreme weather conditions thus, causing your boiler to become unresponsive. Do check the condensate pipes.

Alpha 240 boiler loud noises from pipes


I have installed my Alpha 240 boiler three years ago. This boiler is good in terms of efficiency. Well, from last few days I am hearing some strange sounds, which are coming from the pipes. This problem seems quite weird. Please help.



Hi, these unusual sounds can be considered as a strong indication of kettling. The noisy pipes are generally caused by the limescale buildup, faulty thermostat & inadequate water pressure; it can cause persistent problems in the central heating system. Apart from this, you can hear these sounds when the boiler has a low pressure of water or the pump failure. You should call a boiler engineer in order to fix this issue.

Alpha Combi Boiler Ignition Issues

Hello Guys,

I do not know what happened to my boiler that is why I wanted to share my problem on this platform. The boiler’s burner tries to spark instantly at ignition mainly for 10-15 seconds but unfortunately, there is no ignition. The boiler tries this sequence of ignition again & again but the same thing happens every time. What will be the ultimate solution?



Hello Rob, do not worry, as it is a common problem. Just following the below-given information:

  • Firstly, you have to check ignition lead & electrode. Replacement is recommended if required
  • Secondly, check all the electrode connections. You can fix them if you feel so
  • Thirdly, check & fix spark gas & position
  • After that, check and fix all the connections positioned at PCB & ignition generator
  • Check for chocked flue & do fix it if required

If your problem persists then do contact a qualified boiler engineer.

Alpha HE CB33 boiler not giving hot water & central heating

Hi Everybody,

I have bought the Alpha HE CB33 Boiler two years ago. So far, the boiler’s performance was great but from last night, it stopped providing the hot water. Central heating is also not present; however, boiler tries to fire. If someone has faced the same issue then, please share your views.

Thanks in Advance


Hi James, do not stress out, as it is a common boiler & can be fixed easily. Firstly, reset your boiler because by doing so, the boiler will attempt to repeat the sequence of its ignition. Secondly, check your gas supply. If gas supply is not present, then you have to contact the gas supply company immediately.

Alpha Combi Boiler Faulty Gas Valve

Hello All,

Someone, please help me out to fix the problem, which my four years Alpha combi boiler is facing nowadays. Problem is that I am not getting the gas at the boiler’s burner from last two days. I have tried to solve it after consulting the user manual but the problem is still there. Please give your suggestions.



The purpose of the gas valve is to control the required flow of gas to boiler’s pilot light & burner. Sometimes it becomes faulty & failed to work due to the following reasons:

  • Stuck or Seized
  • Connection or wiring issues
  • PCB Failure
  • Faulty unit

You can either adjust or replace the gas valve. Anyhow, always confirm that your qualified boiler engineer has checked all the costly parts such as fan, pump, PCB, burner etc. of your boiler before deciding to replace the gas valve.

Alpha CB24 boiler PCB fault

Hi Everyone,

I am having an issue with my Alpha CB24 Boiler, which is now five years old. The PCB of the boiler is not responding at all. Likewise, boiler’s display panel is also out of power. Any suggestions what should I do to get it fixed?

Thank you so much


Hi Dave, PCB is an important part of any boiler as it controls the entire electronic components of the boiler. You cannot find faults in the PCB easily because several things are responsible for the PCB failure. The better option is to call an expert boiler engineer & ask him to run few important electrical tests on your boiler by using a multimeter. For determining the root cause, he will look for these things like leakages in your boiler, different cracks & chocked repaired joints & guide you accordingly.

Alpha 240 boiler water temperature is not accurate

Hello Folks,

My Alpha 240 boiler, which I purchased three years, works well until recently. I have noticed that water temperature of the boiler is not accurate. I wanted to know the exact reason & ways of fixing it, as I am not getting the required hot water as well. Your expert pieces of advice are required to solve this issue.

Thanks a lot

I would advise checking the gas rate & the water portion of your boiler. From the above-shared information, I can conclude that your boiler has inaccurate gas rate & secondly, water segment of your boiler is out of order. You can fix it at home by simply checking the gas supply to gas isolation controller of the boiler. Just open the controller & check the burner & inlet pressure of the boiler. Afterward if water portion of the boiler is out of order then try to clean it immediately. You can replace it in case of the severe damaged.

I hope this piece of information will make your boiler to work again.

Alpha boiler flashing red light

Hello Guys,

My two years old Alpha boiler is flashing red light since last night. Due to this, the boiler has stopped working. What could be a reason behind this red light? Is something serious? Someone, please help.

Thanks for your kind advise


Hi George, the most common issue in the Alpha boiler is the red light flashing on the boiler’s display. In your case, red light means that the boiler’s burner is faulty & failed to light up. You can try to fix it at home, as Alpha suggest rotating a switch which you can see on the front side of your Alpha boiler to the position 3. Approximately, after 20-25 seconds, your boiler will try to restart. In case, burner will not light up after restarting the boiler then, the burner is blocked or chocked with debris. I would advise calling a qualified boiler engineer for detailed examination.